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    Without a clear picture of a situation as it unfolds, it is difficult to react precisely in tune with the events.

    Today's 'high tech' law enforcement environment still lacks the most crucial element of decision making -Visibility. Threatening situations can develop at a frightening speed, almost at the speed of light. To stay ever vigilant, security forces need to see the situation as it really is - only then can the threat be confirmed, measured and contained.

    Anti Piracy Searchlights are fast becoming the non lethal deterrence of choice in dangerous environments. Francis Searchlights have the largest range available using the either manual or full remote control options. With the highest power Xenon light sources available, the suspect craft can be fully illuminated, be identified quickly and any necessary evasive action taken immediately. The power of the searchlight beam renders the intruder helpless and unable to see.

  • Security, Border Control & Prisons

    Mounted as part of permanent installations on watch towers, at airports or other secure installations, searchlights can be manually operated through a control linkage within the tower itself. If necessary, units may be controlled remotely from a command post.

    Francis provide that ability to see a situation clearly and concisely with the help of 50w to 7kw searchlights, from 180 to 710 mm diameter bodies and with ranges typically from 400 to 30,000 metres. The light source emanates from Tungsten Halogen, Metal Halide or Xenon lamps protected by a composite or metallic housing.

  • Armoured Vehicles

    The searchlight barrel can be armoured. The front glass is toughened or bullet proof and Infra-red filter options are available for covert operations. The entire Francis range is built to withstand the rigours of severe climatic conditions from the cold of the Arctic to the heat and dust of the Desert..

    Searchlights directly mounted to large calibre machine guns enable the gunner to clearly see and identify the target before engaging. The searchlight also allows the gun commander to ascertain when enough force has been deployed.

    A surprise element can be established with instant strike and restrike capabilities. Robust qualities withstand rough terrain patrolling on borders seeking out illegal immigrants, smugglers or protecting wildlife with specialist anti-poacher units.


    The 'International Maritime Bureau' report an increase in piracy, with vessels being boarded at night, whilst underway.
    Strategically placed searchlights on merchant vessels navigating waters prone to piracy can increase security by eliminating blind spots.


    Fast patrol craft, installed with marine searchlights, can approach incidents at speed and quickly establish the registration, credentials and intentions of suspect vessels with the help of high intensity searchlight night vision.

  • Water Borne

    Fast patrol craft, installed with marine searchlights, can approach incidents at speed and quickly establish the registration, credentials and intentions of suspect vessels with the help of high intensity searchlight night vision.

  • Anti - Riot

    Francis Searchlights give an important perspective to frontier protection and counter insurgence operations, the pursuit and capture of terrorists and the prevention of drug trafficking.



All prison and security searchlights may be supplied with optional nickel proof reflector (prison grade). There are various mounting options including deck, pedestal or ceiling/roof mounting with control handle. All searchlights are available in any custom colour required by the client.

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Where a certain application requires a remote control version due to location or security, all searchlights are available with our electrical remote control gearbox, offering flexible and precise control.

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FR230SC (Scout car)


The FR230SC (Scout Car) searchlight is a compact, yet highly efficient light that has been designed to provide night-time target illumination.

It is normally mounted onto the guns used in the turrets of wheeled and tracked armoured fighting vehicles. It is particularly suited for border patrol and internal security applications.

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FR300 Bullet proof

FR380 Bullet Proof

All searchlights may be fitted with optional bullet proof glass in order to meet any customer specification or requirements.

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Francis Searchlights Site Content Guide

This Web Site gives information on a complete range of Searchlights, Defence Lighting, Prison Lighting Marine Lighting, Security Lighting, Building Searchlights and LED lighting including spotlights. The Site features both Halogen Searchlights and the more powerful Xenon Searchlights. High powered LED searchlights have now arrived utilizing the very best in optical and thermal technology. A wide variety of defence and security lighting products are shown with galleries displaying both Searchlights and Marine lighting applications.